Deep Blue- Arcade Fire


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Simply put, this is a cinematography project. Josh thought to do a music video completely by street lights at night and I jumped on quickly noticing what we could do with this idea. With the help of Natalie, Vittoria, and Tyler Kerstetter we attached the (very thin) plot. There are two types of people: those by streetlight and those by LCD panels. Also, theses people wear black and white, respectively. Then we started recruiting people to help.

Entirely shot on a T2i with a 50mm 1.4USM.

Josh Stienrock - Hipster, Actor.
JohannMG - Cinematographer, Actor, Director.
Natalie DiResta - Cinemachoreographer, actor.

People Who Helped/Acted/Are_Awesome: Mark Eason, Vittoria Zucchelli, Marissa Zucchelli, Casey Doran, Grant McGurn, Jon Waters,Jennifer Hoang, Robert Miller, Kyle Wolff, Wesley Anderson.

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