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Sunn O))) - What's In My Bag? 0    0

Greg Anderson, co-founder of Sunn O))) and Southern Lord records, goes shopping at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. The latest release from Sunn O))) is "Kannon" available now on Souther...

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Deafheaven ~ Vertigo (Lyrics) 0    0

Band: Deafheaven From the album: Sunbather (2013) Genre: Post-Black Metal Official facebook page: Official webpage: check them out!!! Just a...

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Album Review 622: Deafheaven - Sunbather 0    0

Verdict: Strongly recommended if you are a fan of metal music that is unafraid to experiment. ...

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Deafheaven - LP3 2015 2 song promo 0    0

In all seriousness. I received a real leak of Deafheaven's two new tracks. Working at Century Media, nothing is secret here at our offices. I guess they are dropping Deathwish inc and looking...

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Hipster Black Metal - Deafheaven Sucks Part 2 - Deafheaven t... 0    0

Deafheaven talks shit about poser bands like themselves Talking shit about the looks of the bands, Hipster elitists Hypocrisy at its best...

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Deafheaven - Dream House (Studio Version) [+Lyrics & Downloa... 0    0

© 2013 Deathwish Inc. First track from the upcoming sophomore album: Sunbather. Out on June 11th via Deathwish inc. FREE DOWNLOAD WITH BETTER QUALITY: Rep...

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Hipster Black Metal - Why Deafheaven is a Post - Screamo (SK... 0    0

Deafheaven is a Screamo band period. Call them Post - Screamo, Skramzgaze or Post - Skramz They have absolutely nothing to do with black metal.

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Drinking in the Park with Deafheaven - Sound Off! - Ep. 9 0    0

You Should Subscribe Here Now: Deafheaven instantly made a name for themselves with 2013's 'Sunbather,' an album that impressed critics and divided meta...

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DEAFHEAVEN 554 Sunbather 554 In Studio Sneak Peek 0    0

A behind the scenes look at the recording of Sunbather, the amazing new record by Deafheaven, coming June 11th, 2013 from Deathwish Inc.on 2xLP, CD, and digital. Directed by Bryan Proteau http://cl...

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Deafheaven - Sunbather ALBUM REVIEW 0    0

Listen: West Coast metal outfit Deafheaven has really improved their sound on this latest outing of theirs, delivering sharper, more triumphant ...

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Deafheaven - 554 Sunbather 554 (33.3 RPM, 25% Slower) 0    0

I accidentally listened to Sunbather for the first two times at 33.3 RPM speed. The result is a slow and doomed out Deafheaven. Sounds kinda cool if you ask me. "Please Remember" and...

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DEAFHEAVEN - 'Vertigo' 0    0

From the 2013 release 'Sunbather' out now on Deathwish Inc.

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Deafheaven - 554 Sunbather 554 Full Album 0    0

0:00 - "Dreamhouse" 9:15 - "Irresistable" 12:27 - "Sunbather" 22:44 - "Please Remember" 29:11 - "vertigo" 43:4...

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