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Make money with Daily Video Trailer.

When you’re trying to find ways increase your income, sometimes it’s best to not over think it. Earning extra money can be easy when all you have to do is share your views and give honest feedback.

When companies say that they value your opinion they really do; So much that they are willing to pay you for your well thought out feedback and insight.


Because we appreciate your time and attention, we reward you for each action on the site with a number of points, which can be converted into cash when the minimum threshold of 1000 points is reached.

We particularly want to find out your sincere opinion about any movie or serial and episode. So watch the trailer and then in the comments section write your honest opinion about it.
The more sincere, the better you will be rewarded.

Attention please.
Any attempt to spam or worthless comments will be deleted and the user banned.

1. The first step is to sign up for the Daily Video Trailer
2. View, subscribe, like, comment on as many Trailers on Daily Video Trailer
3. When you reach the minimum threshold of 1000 points, you can ask for the payment.

The conversion at this point is 1000 points = $ 1
This conversion can change at any time and it all depends on the value you make on Daily Video Trailer.

If your site activity is valuable, especially your comments, you can receive up to 100% + of the total number of points accumulated up to the momonet when you ask for the payment.

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